Sage accounting software Cyprus

Sage accounting software for Cyprus

Sage 300 supports the entire lifeblood of a business: its financials, inventory, projects, payments, sales order and customer management, and more. Mobility allows for anytime, anywhere access to transactions and a real-time, accurate picture of the health of your business. Now your business can compete with laser-focused accuracy and agility.

Freedom of Choice Helps Control Total Cost of Ownership

We believe your business management solution should support your business strategy—not hinder it or force you to
buy what you don’t need. That’s why Sage 300 ERP offers you the flexibility to build the best possible solution for your
business by giving you the freedom to select the edition (Sage 300 Standard, Advanced, or Premium ERP), database,
modules, deployment method, and payment options that keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible.


Sage 300 ERP helps you slash the time and cost associated with complex processes and redirect those resources
toward growing your business. Whether you choose the Sage 300 Standard, Advanced, or Premium ERP Edition,
you can select from any of the Sage 300 ERP applications to create a custom-fit solution to support your business
management requirements. Easily adopt new functionality without retraining your staff, as each edition is built using the
same technology and intuitive workflow.

Superior Architecture

As your business looks for cost-effective ways to meet your bottom line, Sage 300 ERP provides the foundation
required to keep pace with ever-changing technology without giving up the functionality you need to compete in
today’s marketplace. Accelerate the growth of your company with the scalable, open architecture of Sage 300 ERP.
No matter what edition you choose, you have the option to utili ze a Microsoft® SQL, Pervasive.SQL, or Oracle
database, as well as multiple server and client operating systems, and customization tools.

Harness the Power of Web Technology

The Sage 300 ERP 6 Series is the next generation of ERP solutions—introducing a new common technology platform
that is based upon industry standards such as HTML5, AJAX, REST, RSS, and XML. Using the Google Web Toolkit
as its foundation, the new Sage Data (SData) and the Sage Web Toolkit (SWT) will provide our developers with tools
to easily and rapidly build applications that integrate into the Sage 300 ERP 6 Series to support better interoperability
between systems. The result—mobile ERP software that truly works the way you want it to—seamlessly, efficiently,
intelligently, and cost-effectively.

Sage Intelligence


Whether your business is small and growing or it’s an established midsized organization, Sage Intelligence Reporting can help you succeed. Sage Intelligence Reporting is a flexible business reporting tool that gives you the freedom to design reports according to your business’s unique requirements. And it’s built in Microsoft® Excel®, a tool you’re probably already familiar with.

Inter entity transactions


Inter entity transactions saves time and makes sure that transactions posted are always balanced. A wonderful product for the the ship management companies.


Inventory Management


Sage Invesntory Management not only manages your inventory, sales and purchases - it is your adviser!


Sage 300 can be licensed in either in modules or as a suite.

  • Financials suite (System Manager (Add'l languages, Multicurrency, Transactional Analysis and Optional Field Creator) / General Ledger (Account Code Change, G/L Security) / Accounts Receivable (AR Inquiry, Customer Number Change) / Accounts Payable (Vendor Number Change) / Sage 300 ERP Intelligence)
  • Operations suite (Same as FINANCIALS 2012 plus Inventory Control (Item Number Change) / Purchase Orders / Order Entry (Ops Inquiry) / Uni-Sales Analysis / Project and Job Costing (Timecard user) / GL Consolidations / Intercompany Transactions, National Account Manager, Serialized Inventory (Lot tracking) / RMA)
  • Additional modules that many partners over the years have developed additional modules or have integrated existing products that they developed into Sage 300. There are over 300 add on modules, some of them are:
    • CashBook - single point of input based on statement transactions
    • RecXPress - automated reconciliation from bank statements
    • HR
    • Time and Billing - for services companies
    • Trust accounting - for lawyers and trust companies handling client money
    • Document management


Sage 300 is suitable for companies operating across many industries. Sage has millions of customers operating nearly in every industry of an economy. Such industries include:

  1. Banking and insurance
  2. Financial advisory
  3. Eealth management
  4. Corporate service providers
  5. International trade companies
  6. Ship management companies
  7. Warehousing and distribution
  8. Marketing and media
  9. Hotel and leisure
  10. Manufacturing
  11. Property development

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